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With more and more people regularly using the Internet, it is important to ensure your safety when you buy online.

We are keen to raise awareness of best practice at MY BEAUTIFUL MINI and as such we are pleased to support the Department of Trade and Industry's Safe Internet Shopping initiative, whose aim is to ensure that you are fully aware of your consumer rights when you buy online.

There are 5 key tips for Safe Shopping Online:

If your credit or debit card is used fraudulently in the EU, the card company must refund you.

Use ones you know or which are recommended and always get the supplier's phone number and postal address.

Keep a copy of what you've ordered, plus the supplier's confirmation message.

Your high street consumer rights apply online.

Cooling off:
In many cases in the EU the law lets you change your mind and get a refund within 7 working days of the delivery.

The Government website contains all the above tips as well as any other information you should need about shopping online safely.